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New internal design, included with all new styles.


Charcoal divider, It will help saving charcoal when cookingsmall quantity of food by lighting only one side. It will alsohelp to do grilling, indirect cooking or smoking all at once.

Heat deflector designed in 2 halves; It will help (together with theCharcoal divider) to give the different cooking options all in one.

The bottom grill is ideal for searing the food as it reduces thedistance between the charcoal and the food. It is also divided in 2to offer possibility of only having half of the grill near thecharcoal and the other at normal distance.

The top grill is also divided in 2 halves and has a hinged opening. Itcan be combined with the bottom grill and it can have a double grillon top. In total you have 3 cooking levels and 2 side halves.

How To Cook With Ruby Kamado?


RUBY Kamado is a grill first and foremost. Its ceramic construction and
unique shape, along with using lump charcoal, mean moister meats and
wood-fire flavor.


RUBY Kamado will sear your steaks thanks to the insulative properties and
the ability of lump charcoal to generate significant heat, achieving temperatures
up to 350 C. It will come off sizzling, just like it does at the high-end steak houses.


RUBY Kamado is a smoker with possibility to control temperature and, thanks to
the long-burning stamina of lump charcoal, it can be used as a smoker or a slow
cooker (it will maintain low temperatures for up to 12 hours without adding
lump charcoal).


RUBY Kamado pizza stone is the perfect complement to prepare a
delicious, thin and crispy pizza.

The Ceramic Advantage
The shell and internal components of a RUBY Kamado act like an insulator, holding in the heat and natural moisture of foods making them incredibly juicy. Metal grills radiate a great amount of heat, and pull the moisture out away from food. RUBY Kamado also reduces the chance of a burn injury, because the exterior is at a much lower temperature than metal grills.
Organic Natural Flavor
The heat source for our grills is 100% natural lump charcoal. Our own line of charcoal is made from whole stock hardwood to give food a natural wood fire flavor; just like cooking over a camp fire. This type of charcoal burns cleaner, hotter, and longer than gas or briquette charcoal. It can also be relit for multiple cookings.
Unmatched Cooking Versatility
We call our grills a “grill”, but they are much more than that. Actually, they are a multi-purpose outdoor cooker. Grill, bake, roast, or smoke any food. In reality, our RUBY Kamado is an oven and a smoker all rolled into a “grill”.

It’s All About The Food

Why Settle? You can have the Best!

Let your grill do the work while you sleep:

·Prepare your meat with spices                                ·Set your temps/airflow                                              ·Walk away and enjoy the day or get a good night’s sleep.

That’s it. No need to futz or babysit your grill all night. No huge learning curve, great results right out of the crate.

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