RUBY Kamado’s Unique & Distinctive Features

Quality And Design At Its Best


Over against many other brands we make sure RUBY Kamado’s ceramic is thick enough to offer the needed temperature stability and guaranteed resistance. Our 1.29 inches ceramics are machine made in order to offer consistency and equal thickness.


Top quality special mixed glaze smooth surface. It’s not only unique but easier to clean and extra resistant


All RUBY Kamado’s components are made of high quality stainless steel. We pay special attention to the hinges as they are the most critical part of the Grill.


RUBY Kamado features a unique, dual-disc top vent. The top disc (daisy wheel) is used for low-temperature cooking, while the bottom disc is used for grilling, baking, roasting and searing. This system gives exceptional temperature control

Minimal Maintenence

The interior of RUBY Kamado is almost self-cleaning so it does not need to be scrubbed. Just brush the ash out from the

Quick Warm Up

Thanks to the lump charcoal, your RUBY Kamado grill
will be ready for use in only 15 minutes.

Minimal Flare-Ups

With the flexibility of the top vent cap andability to sea
l the lid, less flare ups occur.

Heat Retention

RUBY Kamado has a 1” thick ceramic dome and base very well insulated, you can cook as low as 150 F or as high as 750 F. The interior of RUBY Kamadoabsorbs and radiates heat evenly providing steady temperatures.


If some extra space is needed, the optional secondary cooking grid gives duplicates the cooking area.

Draft Control

Vent Cap


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